Booking a car: How do I do it? What is the deposit? Can I pay by card? When is the balance due?

To book a vehicle (or vehicles), please contact us first by phone or email to check on availability. We can then confirm availability as well as the price of hire. We will then hold the booking provisionally in your name and send you a booking form, either by post or email, for you to return with a deposit of £100 per vehicle.

Unless otherwise agreed, we will hold the booking for 1 week to allow you enough time to return the booking form to us. We can accept cash/cheque or payment by BACS (internet banking).  Final payment is due no later than 21 days before the wedding.

Can the car make two trips to the ceremony venue?

Provided the distances involved are short, yes we can do this. We make an additional charge of £25 depending on the car and time involved.

If it is a distance of several miles we would advise you to think through the logistics involved, as timings on the day can be the most influential factor.  

For example: if it is 5 miles to the venue, that is a round trip of 15 miles by the time we arrive with the bride. Which in itself is not a problem but remember also, that if you are having a single venue wedding you will need to arrive 15 minutes early to see the registrar.  You must allow a few additional minutes for turnaround time, unpredictible traffic or if the car involved is older that it will travel at a more leisurely pace. 

Can young children travel in your wedding cars?

It depends on the child and the car. Children under 3 (three) years of age must be belted into any car they travel in. This is an absolute legal requirement which we must obey. Unfortunately not all of our cars have seatbelts (fitting them was not a legal requirement in the UK until 1967), so many of the older cars do not have them fitted. Once a child has reached 3 years of age it is not a problem as he/she can freely travel in the rear of a car that does not have seatbelts.

If a child is under 3 years of age at the time of the wedding, they may travel in some of our more modern cars that do have inertia type seatbelts fitted. However we are unable to provide the necessary booster seats, etc. We would need to make arrangements with you to fit your own booster seat, etc.

With regards to the question of young children travelling in our cars, before you make your booking it is always best to check with us first about seatbelts if you are not sure.

We can provide some lovely extras for you. How about:-

We are more than happy to think outside the box and offer a little more on your special day, here are some ideas:-

How about collection of the Groom & Bestman from £45

Single run for the Bridesmaids from £25

Photoshoot at the Beach/Coy Pond or somewhere just as special to you £35

Personalised ribbons for the car (must be ordered at the time of booking) from £20

Guest/Grandparents run from £25


Do you provide services outside of the Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch area?

We cover an area up to 50 miles from Bournemouth.  Some of the older cars are very restricted on the distance that they can travel. With regards to the price we charge that will depend on where the wedding will take place and what requirements you have. If outside of the area of Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch our quotations are based on the information you provide us with.

Guideline prices are detailed on each individual car and cover weddings happening in the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area.  We are happy however to tailor each quote to suit your needs, just drop us an email.

Can we have some photos with our Wedding Car (s)?

Yes of course you can.  Normally around 30 minutes is sufficient for photographs at either the wedding ceremony or reception venue or both and this is naturally included in the price quoted.  

If you want to go to elsewhere however (e.g. beach or a local beauty spot) this can usually be arranged for a £35 surcharge, however if doing so involves a significant deviation from the route your wedding car(s) would otherwise follow, we reserve the right to add an appropriate mileage surcharge as well. Likewise if your itinerary requires that the cars remain available for an extended time, we reserve the right to add an appropriate time surcharge.

Are your cars available for Proms, Anniversaries, or other events?

Due to private hire regulations administered by the local authorities, we regret we can only provide a very limited service for proms, anniversaries or events...but we do have a FEW with the required license, please get in touch.  

Will Superwed contact us prior to the wedding?

Yes, it is our policy (unless otherwise agreed) that we will email you about 10 days prior to the wedding just to go through final details to check that the information we have is current and complete. Emailing you in this way, something that many companies do not do, is part of our careful attentive service. Your wedding is important to us and it is in everyone's interest that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Can I book a wedding car as a surprise?

Absolutely. Perhaps you are a bride wanting to surprise your groom (and his best man) with a ride to your wedding in a classic sports car, or you are wanting to surprise your parents with a car that will make the big day even more special. Please mention this at the time you make your enquiry. We are used to keeping secrets and springing nice surprises, and will mark your records as "Keep Secret from Whoever", and ensure that any contact is made in such a way as not to give the game away. 

Can we get picked up in the evening after our wedding reception?

Unfortunately, many of the bridal cars just do not have the capabilty to cope out and about in the evening and for this reason we choose not to offer an evening collection service.